Klaus Speidel: Metro Stills (2006-2008)

(Metro Stills, Installation with sound, video 8 min., loop, Spaces of Doubt, Undervand, Orestad, August 2008, (c)Klaus Speidel)
Metro Stills movie (2006-2008) - video excerpt

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When Leander Gussmann invited me to participate in Spaces of Doubt, an exhibition he curated in Undervand, a room lying beneath an artificial pond in new town Orestad, this place seemed perfect to present my "metro stills", a series that I had begun in Paris and continued in Copenhagen. From the start, I was much less interested in the tired, beautiful or depressed faces of metro travellers than in the way a detail may make us imagine the whole. Though people are anonymized in the pictures, we may often believe to know who they are.

Orestad itself would not exist without the metro. By combining pictures of Paris and Copenhagen, I created a virtual community of metro travelers. For the installation I reconstructed the spatial relations of the Copenhagen metro, but the people appearing on the seat in front of you could be from France or Denmark.

The impact of the shaking of the metro on the photos is an aspect which I cannot completely control and some beautiful photos result from long opening times combined with a shaky travel.