Prévente (Affiches)

Au feu (Strasbourg St.Denis, 2008)

Crash (Porte de Gentilly, 2006)

Avenir (Gare du Nord, 2007)

Noyé (Porte d'Orléans, 2006)

Voeu (Porte de Gentilly, 2006)

Échanges (Château d'Eau, 2007)

Presse (Denfert, 2006)

Grace (Gare de l'Est, 2008)

Enfance (Gare de l'Est, 2007)

Tour (Gare de l'Est, 2007)

Vision (Cité, 2007)

Doublure(Luxembourg, 2006)

Pouvoir d'achat (Clignancourt, 2008)

Structure (Porte de Gentilly, 2008)

Souriez (C'est la crise), (St.Michel, 2008)

Saut(Panthéon), 2009

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(c) for all pictures: Klaus Speidel

(c) toutes les images: Klaus Speidel

-caisson lumineux 20x30x10 cm-

La Lunette d'Approche (2009)


"It's about those short moments when a little wheel in the machinery of production, advertising and selling stops turning."

A tiny bit of a larger reality than the restricted one the poster promises gets stuck in the machinery and vandalizes "the message".

Sometimes it is a purely mechanical phenomenon: an internal neon that burns, a toothed wheel that refuses to go on and the poster appears crossed out, fallen down, or folded away.

Sometimes it is the interaction of the ad with the surrounding reality that makes the message twist. The ad can helplessly loose its effect by a random reflection, by the presence of an object innocently placed next to it.

In some of such interactions or breakdowns, the ad turns into a memento mori, reminding us for a few hours or days of the fragility of (not only) commercial undertakings. Until the deficiency is corrected by the system.

Liliana Padilla